I am confused about registration

PLDI, PLDI+, ECOOP, and ECOOP+ give you access to all the technical events during the days specified, this includes conferences, workshops, and tutorials. e.g. PLDI+ allows you to attend PLDI, ECOOP, ISMM, LCTES, and etc during the entire week. ONE-DAY PASS lets you attend any technical events during the day selected. Banquets are not considered technical events, therefore not included in the registrations except PLDI, PLDI+, ECOOP, ECOOP+, and GOLD PASS.

I want to attend LCTES, what should I register for?

You can pick the LCTES registration item (250$) and this gives you the right to attend all events Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference, you will get proceedings, lunches, and coffee breaks. If you also want to go for the Banquet on Tuesday night, you can add an extra banquet ticket (100$).
Another alternative is to take the PLDI+ registration (700$) which gives you access to all events for the week and the banquet on Tuesday.
Lastly you can also choose a GOLD pass (1000$) which gives you access to all events, two Banquets and the organizers' gratitude.

Who are the banquets for?

The two banquets (Tuesday and Friday) are shared by all conferences and workshops. They are social events that will be held off-site. You need one of the following registrations to attend: ECOOP+ or ECOOP for Friday, PLDI or PLDI+ for Tuesday, GOLD for both.

Students registration does not include banquets.

Will there be Internet connectivity?

Well, we hope. The Crowne Plaza Hotel has a wireless network that attendees will be able to use for free in the conference rooms. But, we don't expect it to handle the traffic that PLDI/ECOOP and co will require. Part of the contract for the event includes extra internet capability added just for us. So in theory, we should be OK. In practice, we will see.

In the light of 560+ registrations: I expect that Internet will NOT work. (jv) There is a Starbucks, nearby.

Please be aware that a number of sites are blocked in China. If you really need Twitter or Facebook do arrange for a VPN before going.

Making online reservation to North Star Continental Grand Hotel is confusing.

The hotel provided the following step-by-step instruction here, in case of doubt send email to the PLDI organizers. They will help.

The confirmation letter from the Reservation Department (after the one sent from the website automatically)should be emailed within 48 hours. If you have not got the confirmation letter, please contact with Ms. Cuiling LAN (Email: cllan@cashq.ac.cn, Tel:+86-10-68597750) for help or contact with the Reservation Department of the hotel (see below) directly.

Reservation Department / Tel: +86-10-84980105 / Fax: +86-10-84970106 / Email:yuding@bcghotel.com

The booking system doesn't give me the PLDI rates for non-smoking rooms.

We have run out of rooms in the conference hotel. The hotel allocates rooms in blocks segregated by size and price. When a block of a particular type/price is exhausted, we need to request another block. Unfortunately the process can not be automated and we (the organizers) are not informed when the rooms run out. So, contact us and we will ask the hotel for more rooms.