For Students

There are many opportunities for students to get involved with the conference. This page list a few of them, we encourage you to explore the web sites of the different co-located events and conferences to find out more.

Getting to Beijing

For foreign students, be sure to check that you have a valid passport and apply for a Chinese visa. There is a small fee but it is reasonably fast and painless (visa page). Go to the travel information page for more info. The ECOOP-PLDI Travel and Adventure page lets you discuss travel plans and related arrangements.

Staying in Beijing

The conference hotel is convenient but pricey. A list of cheaper nearby hotels is available (TBD-March 20). You may use the travel page to look other students interested in shared accommodations (here).


All the relevant information is on the registration page. The simplest is to pick either ECOOP+ or PLDI+ and get access to all events, workshops, etc. Do this early so as to get reduced rates. The difference between ECOOP+ and PLDI+ is mainly which proceedings you will get and which banquet you will attend (either the ACM proceedings or the ECOOP proceedings and similarly for the banquets).

Student activities

The Student Research Competition (SRC) (Deadline passed) is an opportunity to attend PLDI and its related events and present research ideas. While the SRC is associated to PLDI, we are accepting submissions from all students working on programming related topics (research related to ISMM, LCTES, and ECOOP is welcome).

The Doctoral Symposium and Workshop (Deadline passed) is a great opportunity to get feedback on your research and present your ideas. While the Symposium is associated to ECOOP, we are accepting submissions from all students.

ECOOP and PLDI are pleased to offer a number of opportunities for student volunteers, (Deadline passed) who are vital to the efficient operation and continued success of the conference each year. The student volunteer program is a chance for students from around the world to participate in the conferences whilst assisting us in preparing and running the event.


There are many ways to reduce the cost of attending the conferences.

(1) The SRC is supported through a generous grant from Microsoft Research
(2) The Doctoral Symposium has been awarded funds from AITO the organization behind ECOOP.
(3) US students are eligible for support from the National Science Foundation.
(4) Student volunteers get free registration and access to all events.
(5) The ACM PAC awards support for student presenting papers.

To simplify application we have a single place where students attending any one of the conferences/workshops can apply. The page is shared with the ACM SIGPLAN PAC, use it even if you are not applying for PAC funding. We would like to add the following information to your application in the comments field:

(a) Are you a Speaker, applying to either of the SRC, Doctoral Symposium, Student Volunteer?
(b) Will you be able to attend the conference if we can't fund you?
(c) Are you a US citizen or Permanent resident?

Students who are supported will be asked to write a two-part conference report that will appear as two blog entries, one before the conference and the other after the conference. The length and level of details is up to you.

Apply for support to attend PLDI/ECOOP/LCTES/ISMM. (Deadline passed)

IMPORTANT:The web site is operated by SIGPLAN, but you do not have to be a SIGPLAN member to ask for funding, or be asking to attend PLDI. Any student is welcome, we will try our best to find sponsors.